No hablas ingles? No hay problema! Hablamos español y aceptamos Medicaid.

COVID-19 Protocols

Rest assured we are following strict CDC guidelines regarding preventing COVID 19 transmission on your visit.

Our office is sanitized and disinfected after each patient with a professional infection control protocols that’s recommended by ADA and reinforced by OSHA. What’s more important is that here at Ascent Dental Office we successfully installed Medify Air Purifier with H13 filter which has true H13 HEPA filters. This advanced filter clears out and filters out particles down to 0.1 micron which includes Coronavirus (which is also 0.1 micron). This advanced Air Filter is installed in room throughout entire dentistry. Please know that you and your family is safe in our Ascent Dental office at all times. Click Here to see photo of our newly installed filter here.

Dentist 75070

We Speak English, Spanish, and Mandarin

Teeth cleaning

We recommend a dental exam & cleaning every 6 month to prevent cavities and to plaque and tartar buildup.

Cosmetic fillings

We use white, or tooth colored resin composite material to fill cavities. It is both safe and cosmetic at the same time.

Fillings on baby teeth

White composite filling materials are used to fill cavities in baby teeth to protect and restore them until permanent teeth are ready to erupt.


For Selected Dental Treatments of Children

Free prizes and a chance to win our monthly raffle for signing up your children for dental treatment. Contact us to learn more about this offer.
**Terms and conditions apply, for selected treatments only.

Why Choose Us?

We accept most PPO insurances as well as Medicaid, CHIP and Care Credit. We also offer an In-House payment plan to help our patients afford the treatment they need.

Walk-ins are welcome

Licensed and Insured

Certified and HIPAA Compliant

Privately Owned Dentistry

Continues Care with the Same Doctor

Same Day Appointment Available

Our Dental Patients Say

Great dental office! Appointments are always very nice, the service is always quick and efficient, any time that I have ever had to have drilling it has always been painless! The appointments are always very thorough and outstanding, the x-ray process is also very good. I highly recommend this dental office!

James Brown TX Citizen
75070 Dentist

Doctors are very professional. Cleanly and modern design as well as very friendly reception staff there. Modern and systematic equipment makes visits faster and more enjoyable. Fast phone booking is aiways their plus, and they will go out of their way to make sure that everything is alright before, during, and after an appointment. 5-Star.

Benjamin Miller TX Citizen
Dr. Chang

Wonderful. Our entire family has been going to this dental office for years. They are incredible from staff to doctors and very good at what they do. The office is neat & clean, everyone is very friendly, and they are always on time. Highly recommended!

Tyler Anderson TX Citizen
Dentist McKinney TX

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